High-End 3D visualizations
for the high-tech industry

High-End 3D visualizations
for the high-tech industry

Product films, images and social media snippets
that convince your customers
Product films, images and social media snippets
that convince your customers

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Marco Gebhardt
Gebhardt Intralogistics

„Natürlich würde ich Black Frame empfehlen, mit dem Nachteil, dass dann vielleicht unser Wettbewerb auch bessere Filme bekommt. „

Our long-standing cooperation with Gebhardt Intralogistik is something to be proud of. 

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Our high-quality animated 3D product videos showcase complex innovations in their application with precise detail, cinematically present them, and create excitement among your customers.

We conceptualize and create your 3D product film, develop high-resolution images from it, as well as social media snippets and impressive key visuals – all within a fixed timeframe and budget.

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We are Black Frame. A team of passionate filmmakers and 3D artists. Our specialty: top-tier 3D product films that inspire. 

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Irakli Zomaia


Samuel Blank

Creative Producer

Hannes Dollinger

Creative Producer

Predictive Maintenance. Visually Brought to Life.

Showcase: Liebherr LiMain

Hidden sensors, invisible data streams, and a control console tailored individually to the customer – Liebherr's marketing department understood that while concrete facts exist for the "LiMain" service, comprehensive and tangible visual materials were lacking. 

To introduce such a concept to the market…"


3D Product Film | Liebherr Industry 4.0. Visually Brought to Life.

Traditionally known for their yellow construction machinery and cranes, Liebherr is increasingly positioning itself as an innovative partner for the industry, venturing into the fields of the future with smart services and IoT solutions.

With the "LiMain" remote maintenance solution, Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH became the first company to provide a comprehensive digital infrastructure that allows for the maintenance and monitoring of offshore cranes remotely for extended periods.

But how do you convey a service that is hard to grasp and can only be filmed in action with significant effort? A 3D product film proved to be the ideal solution.


Hidden sensors, invisible data streams, and a control console tailored individually to the customer – Liebherr's marketing department understood that while concrete facts exist for the "LiMain" service, comprehensive and tangible visual materials were lacking. However, to bring such a concept to the market, customers needed to visually experience how LiMain works, where the remote maintenance system can be used, and the added value it promises. 

The advantages of a 3D animation were quickly apparent – it needed to be aesthetically high-quality, factually accurate, and sustainably memorable.


01 Clear Value through Clear Messaging

In the first step, our team collaborated with Liebherr's marketing department in Rostock to develop a compelling story that combined both the value proposition and the technological background. Regardless of where the video would be used – on the website, in social media, or during customer discussions – the benefits of the solution should be firmly embedded in viewers' minds, inspiring them to reconsider maintenance: Change the way you think about maintenance.

02 Making Digital Products Tangible through 3D

In the second step, our team created a detailed storyboard to illustrate how 3D animation could visualize processes and the technology behind the scenes. Using computer-generated images based on CAD data of a real crane, our 3D specialists created views of sensors installed in cranes, industrial platforms in open seas, and data streams transmitted from there to a remote maintenance console.

“Wir hatten zu Projektbeginn eine klare Vorstellung im Kopf. Das Team von Black Frame Films hat es geschafft, dieses Bild zu treffen und sogar noch spannender, noch treffender, zu visualisieren. Das gelang vor allem, weil die Agentur von Beginn an viele gute Fragen gestellt und die finale Visualisierung mit uns gemeinsam entwickelt hat. Der Erstellungsprozess war nicht nur transparent und partnerschaftlich, er war vor allem wertschöpfend im Sinne des Produktmarketings.“ –  Stefan Fröbe, Liebherr Maritime Cranes

03 Signature Style as an Visual Brand

From the beginning, emphasis was placed on a high-quality look that effectively underscored the innovative power and visionary scope of Liebherr's solutions. Based on the corporate colors, our visual artists developed a unique look that received a cinematic aesthetic through naturalistic wave movements, atmosphere, and textures – resulting in a visually distinctive end product that leaves a lasting impression.

Diverse Use Across All Media, Beyond the Video

Making the digital visible through digital means works very well for industrial companies increasingly dealing with software. The medium of 3D animation not only enabled Liebherr to present a new service in a high-quality, understandable, and interesting manner, but the marketing team will also benefit from the versatility of computer-generated renderings in the future. The film can be shown in various lengths and excerpts on all company channels, while high-resolution individual images can be used for brochures, landing pages, and similar purposes – efficient resource utilization and a variety of media content covered by a single project.

If you're also interested in a 3D product film, get to know Black Frame – we'd be happy to advise you in a non-binding conversation or provide you with information about our pricing packages.

You can watch the full film for Liebherr Maritime Cranes here:

Black Frame

Black Frame

Black Frame